The Average Public Insurance Adjuster Fees: A Helpful Guide

The Average Public Insurance Adjuster Fees: A Helpful Guide

The losses suffered by Puerto Ricans due to natural disasters in recent years have made the insurance industry hugely important on the Island.

Public adjusters play a significant role in our insurance system. If you’re considering hiring a public adjuster to assist you with a claim, you may well be wondering how much the service is likely to cost.

Read on as we examine public insurance adjuster fees.

What Do Public Insurance Adjusters Do?

Public insurance adjusters are independent professionals that help claimants to settle proceedings with their insurance company.

If you hire a public insurance adjuster, they will take over many aspects of the claims process. They will see to much of the required documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies provide such an adjuster free of charge. However, because of the obvious benefits of having an adjuster with no connection to the insurance company, many claimants choose to hire a third party adjuster.

Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

If you’re making a claim that is complicated or is likely to be contested by the insurance company, a public insurance adjuster might be a wise investment.

insurance companies will do anything they can to deny your claim, or limit its value. Their business model depends on paying out as little in claim money as they can.

Therefore, it is often useful to have someone on your side who knows how to counteract their various tactics. Public insurance adjusters are trained and experienced in this area.

Many claimants feel that the insurance company adjuster does not act with their best interests at heart. In this case, hiring a public insurance adjuster may be the most effective way to secure a fair settlement.

Public Insurance Adjuster Fees: How Much Is the Service Likely to Cost?

Public adjusters often charge commissions rather than fixed fees. This means that, in many cases, public insurance adjusters make no money if your claim isn’t successful.

It also means that the money they make is dependent on the value of their claim. This incentivizes them to get you as good a deal as they possibly can.

They will charge fees in certain circumstances, however. Flat charges may be levied when a claim process is especially long or requires in-depth work.

Fees may also be applicable where the assistance of a third party is required. This will most commonly be a lawyer. Where there is a criminal element to a claim, or a lot of legalistic work to be done in relation to it, the help of an attorney will be required.

The percentage charged as commission is usually between 10-20%.

Making the Most of Your Claim

The benefits of hiring a public insurance adjuster are clear to see. While public insurance adjuster fees might be off-putting initially, it is important to consider the potential cost of not hiring one if your claim becomes difficult.

If you’re thinking about hiring a public insurance adjuster, contact us today for a free consultation.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Property Claim Adjuster Before Hiring Them

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Property Claim Adjuster Before Hiring Them

When something devastating happens to your property, you can rest easy knowing that your insurance has got you covered…as long as you’ve got a good policy.

Getting the value of your things back after substantial damage has occurred doesn’t have to be difficult, but communicating with your claim adjuster can. You need to know which questions matter the most and if you’ve never gone through the process before, why would you?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this post, we’re going to tell you the 5 crucial questions you should ask your claim adjuster in order to get things worked out with your insurance company properly.

1. How Long Will This Process Take?

You don’t want to be impatient during this process, because there’s a good chance it’ll take a few weeks or even months to get settled. Just ask your claim adjuster what their professional experience tells them about your situation.

It’s completely understandable to want to get this over with as soon as you possibly can, so you can get your money and move on with your life, but it’s harder than you might think for your adjuster to get it all done quickly.

2. Have I Filled Out the Correct Paperwork?

You’re going to have to fill out a lot of paperwork, which can get a bit overwhelming at times. It’s okay to check-in with your claims adjuster to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Chances are, you’ll need a bit of hand-holding through some of it.

3. Have You Dealt With a Case Like This Before?

When you’re dealing with a new claim adjuster, it never hurts to ask if they’ve ever seen a case like yours in the past. Their answer will tell you how experienced they are and how comfortable they’re going to be in guiding you through the process.

Most claims are fairly cut-and-dry, but you do run into unexpected issues from time to time.

4. How Much Money Can I Expect To Get?

It’s also nice to get an idea of what you’ll be settling for. For instance, if you’re dealing with a wrecked car, it’s good to know how much you’ll be getting back from the insurance company so you can pay the right amount for a new car.

Any experienced claim adjuster should be able to give you a ballpark figure to work off of.

5. Tell Me About My Policy

Insurance can be confusing sometimes, we get that. At Global Claim Advisors, our team of knowledgable advisors will be able to explain every nuance of your policy to you, so you never feel alone in this process.

Every policy is a little bit different, so it takes someone with a lot of experience to understand exactly what’s going on. When disaster strikes, you want to be able to talk to someone that knows how to help you navigate this situation.

Find a Great Claim Adjuster

To discuss your claim and get the important questions answered with a professional claim adjuster, contact us at Global Claim Advisors. We’re available anytime to give you the help you deserve so you can quickly get your claim settled and move on with your life.

Tips for Filing an Effective Insurance Claim After an Earthquake

Tips for Filing an Effective Insurance Claim After an Earthquake

Although much of the island of Puerto Rico was spared a direct hit from recent earthquakes, the impact from the 6.6 magnitude, was felt almost everywhere. As a result, the entire Island lost electricity and many are still without.  The southern area of the Island has experienced significant damage to their homes and properties. One person lost their life and hundreds are sleeping outside. As everyone is bracing for replica earthquakes, the recovery must begin across the southern part of the Island.  Homeowners, business and commercial property owners will be submitting insurance claims to cover damages from the earthquakes. The exact period of damage or technical incidents when it involves a series of storms or earthquakes, can be purposefully made to be confusing and overwhelming by the Insurance companies. Don’t let this cost you or delay your recovery.

Follow these tips for filing an effective earthquake damage insurance claim to help get the insurance settlement you deserve for the damage to your home or business.

First, we understand the trauma associated with devastating storms and earthquakes. If you feel anxious, and need help filing your claim, or if you’re having trouble dealing with the insurance company, the Public Adjusting Team of Global Claim Advisors can help!  We have decades of experience negotiating with insurance companies and helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve for their claims.


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5 Steps to Take After a Hurricane

Once it is safe to return to your home, you should begin gathering the information necessary to support your insurance claim.

  1. Take Note of Damaged Property


Inventory your home, making note of the personal property that was damaged as well as damages to the home.

Take photos and video of the damage to support your claim. You should have also taken photos of your property during your preparations before the storm. These will be important to show the extent of the damage compared to before the storm.

If you have receipts of high-value items, include copies with your claim to accurately assign a value to the item.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company as Soon as Possible


File your claim as soon as possible. Insurers typically begin to process claims as they are received – with the massive volume of claims expected after a hurricane, you could be waiting quite a while for your claim to be processed if you wait to submit it.

Contact your insurer and follow its procedures for filing a damage claim. Inform your insurer that you have compiled a list of damages and let them know if you were forced to relocate. An adjuster will be assigned to assess your property for damages to determine the amount of your settlement.

At this time, you should also take a moment to review the details of your insurance policy to ensure you know what is an is not covered. Most flooding damage is not covered by a traditional homeowner’s insurance policies, while damage from wind or fallen trees should be.

It is also important that you review the “Duties After Loss” portion of your policy. If you fail to properly follow these instructions, you may ruin your chances of recovering compensation.

  1. Limit Cleaning and Repairs


While you may want to get to work restoring your property right away, do not make changes until an insurance adjuster has assessed your home.

If temporary repairs are necessary, photograph the area thoroughly before making the repair. Make temporary fixes rather than extensive repairs. You also should not dispose of any damaged materials until cleared to do so by your insurance adjuster.

This is important because if you clean up messes left by hurricane damage and make repairs, the adjuster will not see firsthand the damage caused by the storm – this could lower the insurer’s settlement offer.

  1. Contact Contractors


Contact area contractors to obtain quotes to repair the damage to your home or property. Following a hurricane, contractors are in high demand – waiting to call can add months to your wait before your home can be repaired.

You should obtain estimates before your insurance adjuster assesses your home to give yourself a better idea of the costs associated with repairs. You will want to know the full cost of repairing your home before accepting any offers from the insurance company.

  1. Keep Records


Keep a record of all communication with your insurer. Record when you made phone calls, what responses you received, as well as all email and mail communication.

Insurers must complete specific tasks within a designated timeframe after receiving a hurricane damage claim – know what their process is and when you should expect answers or further communication and be diligent about following up with the insurance company.

Contact Our Public Adjusters in Puerto Rico and the Florida Panhandle, Right Away

Get the compensation you deserve for earthquake damages to your home. GCA Public Adjusters are highly qualified and experienced to negotiate a fair settlement from your insurer.  If necessary, we are prepared to work with an attorney to take your case to trial and to help secure maximized compensation.

Schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation with our team today. Our cases are accepted on a contingency basis. So you only pay a modest fee, if we are successful in securing compensation for you!



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Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

After experiencing property damage or loss, you might be left feeling anxious and worried. You’ve lost something of yours and now you’re not sure how you’re going to repair or replace it. After the damage occurs, your insurance company will send an adjuster out to assess the damage.

However, your insurance company’s adjuster is looking out for your insurance company. This is why you need to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster. Once hiring a public insurance adjuster, you’ll have someone out on the scene who works for you and has you in his or her best interest.

Not sure if hiring a public adjuster is the right decision for you? Continue reading below for everything you need to know about the benefits of hiring a public adjuster.

1. Experience

A public adjuster has the experience and expertise needed to understand the claims process. It’s not difficult to misinterpret something on your insurance policy. Without having an adjuster on your side, insurance companies have the upper hand.

Their experience is going to be what gets you the best results possible. They’ll be able to guide you throughout the entire process ensuring that every step you take is the correct one.

2. Time Savings

Not everyone has the option of putting their life on hold to deal with filing a claim, speaking with insurance companies, collecting all proper documentation, and so on. Hiring a public adjuster will save you time.

An adjuster will manage your claim for you and only contact you when you’re needed. And because your public adjuster knows about the claims process, he or she will ensure that the claim is filed and settled as quickly as possible.

3. Maximized Settlement

Not only will a public adjuster make the process go by much faster, but he or she will be able to maximize your settlement as well. One study showed that public adjusters are able to negotiate with insurance companies. This ultimately increases the settlement amount for you.

Without a public adjuster, your insurance company would only pay out what they decide to. An adjuster on your side will be able to negotiate a larger settlement with them, which can only benefit you.

4. Knowledge of Rights

Aside from knowing how to negotiate with your insurance company, a public insurance adjuster will also know your rights. This is a major benefit when dealing with a denied claim. The adjuster acts as a witness to the scene and damages and can also guide you along the way if more aggressive action is required to get the settlement you deserve.

Do You Need a Public Insurance Adjuster?

After reading through this guide, we hope you now know how important it is to hire a public insurance adjuster.

Have you experienced property loss or damages? If so, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you!

What Is A Public Adjuster? Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring One

What Is A Public Adjuster? Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring One

No matter how many preparations you make, natural disasters happen and they can completely destroy your home or business. That’s why property insurance exists. Did you know that 1 in 20 insured homeowners end up filing a property damage claim every year?

Navigating the property insurance claim process on your own proves confusing for most people. Hiring a public adjuster can help.

Learn more about public insurance adjusters and their role in the claims process below.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Filing an insurance claim requires a lot of time, paperwork, math, and understanding of the insurance industry. As a policyholder, you probably don’t know a lot about the intricacies of your policy and the insurance industry as a whole.

An insurance adjuster helps you to file your claim or dispute the amount offered by your insurance company.

Most policyholders simply use the adjuster their insurance company provides as a part of their service. However, sometimes a policyholder prefers to hire an outside, public insurance adjuster.

4 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Are you trying to decide between using the insurance company’s adjuster and hiring your own public insurance adjuster? Here are 4 reasons why someone may choose to hire a public adjuster instead.

1. Poor Communication

Before you decide to go with a public adjuster you need to speak with the adjuster provided by your insurance company. Ask them questions and get a feel for how you communicate with one another.

If you feel that the adjuster doesn’t quite understand your claim or isn’t listening to your concerns, then it’s time to look for public representation.

2. Get a Fair Settlement

When you hire an outside, public insurance adjuster, they work for you and not the insurance company.

This guarantees they have your best interests at heart. They want to achieve an outcome most favorable for you rather than the insurance company.

3. Defend Your Policyholder Rights

Hiring a public adjuster to get a second opinion on your claim helps you know for sure the provided adjuster hasn’t low-balled your loss estimate. An adjuster can also point out any other losses the policyholder may not know they have a right to claim.

A public adjuster will fight against the insurance company’s decision if you think they offer too little. Or if you disagree with their interpretation of your policy’s wording.

4. No Time to Deal with the Process

Finally, people often choose to hire a public insurance adjuster simply because they don’t have time to play an active roll in the process.

A public adjuster knows the industry and the lingo. They also have experience dealing with the complicated math and calculations used in claims forms.

Hiring a public adjuster to work on your claim means it gets the attention and expertise needed for acceptance.

Finding the Best Public Adjuster Near Me in Puerto Rico

Now you should know when you to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster rather than going with the company-provided one.

A public adjuster will often evaluate your claim for free before deciding whether to take it on. They do charge a fee, but the greater number of losses claimed and larger payout outweighs this.

Are you looking for the best public adjuster to help you file a claim in Puerto Rico? 

Look no further than Global Claim Advisors!

Their property insurance experts dedicate themselves to helping policyholders get a successful resolution for their claim. Contact Global Claim Advisors today to start the evaluation process and get more for your property insurance claim!

What is the Property Damage Insurance Claim Process Like?

What is the Property Damage Insurance Claim Process Like?

Have you just suffered property damage and don’t know what to do? Do you need help making sure that your home, car or rental property is restored to its former condition?

For more information about a property damage insurance claim, check out this simple guide!

Property Damage Insurance Claim Process

To get the claims process started, you have to call your insurance company to report the damage. Once you have a claim number, your company will send an insurance adjuster to examine the property and determine the amount of money you will receive. The amount you get from the insurance company depends on your level of coverage and the extent of the damage.

If the property damage claim involves a vehicle collision, there will have to be a determination of who is at fault. Depending on the state where the accident takes place, there are several factors in determining who is legally responsible for the accident.

Regardless of who is found to be responsible for the property damage liability, you will have to pay your insurance deductible. This is usually between $250 and $500.

In the event of a burst pipe or fire, your insurance company will usually tell you to contact a damage mitigation specialist. This will prevent further destruction from happening. Depending on your policy, your insurance will likely cover any emergency repair costs.

Unless your policy covers your possessions, you may need to get further coverage to make sure everything is paid for. You will also need to provide a detailed list of any damaged items so the insurance company can provide you with a check for their cash value. You should know that luxury items like jewelry or family heirlooms will likely need extra policies if their value exceeds your level of coverage.

Repairs and Recovery

Once the damage to your home or property has been assessed, you will need to contact contractors to get quotes for any needed repair work. You should also make sure to get at least three quotes from different contractors to get the best possible deal. 

Depending on how your insurance company wants to proceed, you will either receive a single check for all the repair work or pay the contractor directly. Before signing any paperwork, you should always check with your insurance provider first. If you sign a “direction to pay,” you are effectively giving control over the project to your contractor.

If you receive a check to cover the costs of repairs, you should make sure that all work is done to your satisfaction before paying. If your insurance company ends up signing off on shoddy work, you may be left holding the bag.

If your home or rental property is damaged to the point where it is unliveable, you will also receive additional living expenses or an ALE check. This money will help pay for things like meals and hotel rooms while your property is being fixed.

Happy Home and Happy Wallet

Property damage claims can seem scary and overwhelming, but there are simple solutions. All you need to do is read your policy, know your coverage level and follow your company’s process.

If you need help getting coverage or dealing with a property damage insurance claim, check out Global Claim Advisors today!