What Is A Public Adjuster? Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring One

What Is A Public Adjuster? Here’s Why You Should Consider Hiring One

No matter how many preparations you make, natural disasters happen and they can completely destroy your home or business. That’s why property insurance exists. Did you know that 1 in 20 insured homeowners end up filing a property damage claim every year?

Navigating the property insurance claim process on your own proves confusing for most people. Hiring a public adjuster can help.

Learn more about public insurance adjusters and their role in the claims process below.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Filing an insurance claim requires a lot of time, paperwork, math, and understanding of the insurance industry. As a policyholder, you probably don’t know a lot about the intricacies of your policy and the insurance industry as a whole.

An insurance adjuster helps you to file your claim or dispute the amount offered by your insurance company.

Most policyholders simply use the adjuster their insurance company provides as a part of their service. However, sometimes a policyholder prefers to hire an outside, public insurance adjuster.

4 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Are you trying to decide between using the insurance company’s adjuster and hiring your own public insurance adjuster? Here are 4 reasons why someone may choose to hire a public adjuster instead.

1. Poor Communication

Before you decide to go with a public adjuster you need to speak with the adjuster provided by your insurance company. Ask them questions and get a feel for how you communicate with one another.

If you feel that the adjuster doesn’t quite understand your claim or isn’t listening to your concerns, then it’s time to look for public representation.

2. Get a Fair Settlement

When you hire an outside, public insurance adjuster, they work for you and not the insurance company.

This guarantees they have your best interests at heart. They want to achieve an outcome most favorable for you rather than the insurance company.

3. Defend Your Policyholder Rights

Hiring a public adjuster to get a second opinion on your claim helps you know for sure the provided adjuster hasn’t low-balled your loss estimate. An adjuster can also point out any other losses the policyholder may not know they have a right to claim.

A public adjuster will fight against the insurance company’s decision if you think they offer too little. Or if you disagree with their interpretation of your policy’s wording.

4. No Time to Deal with the Process

Finally, people often choose to hire a public insurance adjuster simply because they don’t have time to play an active roll in the process.

A public adjuster knows the industry and the lingo. They also have experience dealing with the complicated math and calculations used in claims forms.

Hiring a public adjuster to work on your claim means it gets the attention and expertise needed for acceptance.

Finding the Best Public Adjuster Near Me in Puerto Rico

Now you should know when you to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster rather than going with the company-provided one.

A public adjuster will often evaluate your claim for free before deciding whether to take it on. They do charge a fee, but the greater number of losses claimed and larger payout outweighs this.

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